Enjoy the Perfect Winter Vacation at Grand Lake Hotel and Cabins

There are many lodges in Grand Lake Colorado, but none offers the charming accommodations that The Lakeside Hotel and Cabins do. The rooms are all decorated to keep you feeling pampered and relaxed. Your meals are prepared to be scrumptious and your rooms are cozy with furniture that is designed to be comfortable as well as stylish. There is even a spa on site for you to enjoy. For more helpful info on vacation spots in northern Colorado, make sure you visit www.westernriv.com.

The lakeside hotel is located just about a mile from Lake Yellowstone, which is one of the most popular vacation spots in northern Colorado. You can also get there by taking a train that runs through the large mountain tunnel. This train leaves Vail Resort every day and takes you through some of the most amazing scenery ever seen. Once you arrive you can hike up to a hot springs valley where you can relax soaking in the natural hot water. If you do not want to go straight to the hot springs, then the cabins are the perfect place to take a long hot relaxing bath and relax in the solitude of your cabin.

The cabins are set high above Lake Yellowstone so you can enjoy the amazing views of the forest while at the same time enjoying the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. You will see some of the most amazing wildlife while out hiking and biking. Many of the cabins are secluded and quiet, making them the perfect retreat for couples or families who want to enjoy spending time alone. The cabins are also very close to the hiking trails and you can enjoy hiking along the trails as you travel along the lake.

The Grand Lake Colorado Flies In Film Festival is held every summer where a plane skims across the sky to witness the grandeur of this wonderful area. You can catch this wonderful event on videotape. Many of the mountain bikers will stop by the lakeside hotel and cabins to enjoy a day or two out hiking and riding. If you have small children, then the cabins are close to the playground where you can entertain them with water. If you want to do a little shopping, then you will be right in walking distance of many of the fine stores in town. See this link for more on this number one vacation choice.

Lakeside hotels are located near the hiking trails so you can enjoy hiking during your vacation. The hiking is not hard and if you enjoy hiking, then you will love staying at the Grand Lake Colorado lodges. The cuisine is exquisite and the prices are reasonable. The lakeside hotels provide an easy access to the rest of the world by providing flights from Chicago. This has made it an all year around vacation destination for travelers from all over the world.

The cabins in Grand Lake are very private, which makes them perfect for couples that want privacy or families that like to get away from it all. You can also enjoy the pool in the summer and in the winter there are nice heated swimming pools for the enjoyment of the people that stay at the Grand Lake Colorado cabins. If you are looking for a place to stay during your vacation in Grand Lake, then you will find it at the Grand Lake Hotel and Cottages. They are located just minutes from the hiking trails so you can still enjoy hiking while relaxing at the same time. You will also find some great restaurants that are located nearby if you want to take a bite to eat.Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacation .

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